Morning Light, Inc. fosters nonprofit community services and programs in central Indiana for the terminally ill, seniors, and families of limited means in need of health, wellness or end of life care.


Best In The Nation- Your Abbie Hunt Bryce Home!

All who have visited Morning Light’s Abbie Hunt Bryce Home for hospice patients who need free living accommodations agree that it is truly a unique place!  We now have more proof. 


Morning Light’s Abbie Hunt Bryce Home has been recognized as the winner of a National Award given by the Center for Health System Design & Implementation for Serious Illness Management Innovation. This honor was the result of a national competition sponsored by Boston University Institute for Health System Innovation & Policy.

This was a national competition! The Home was recognized for serving the terminally ill for free, for working to provide rooms for surgery recovery and for operating a true Home complete with compassion-not to mention three home cooked meals per day.  The judges also liked how we were developing several revenue streams to keep our program viable.

The Abbie Hunt Bryce Home will be recognized at a national conference in Boston in late November.  There is a $1,500 cash award that comes along with the prize.  In an unrelated development, Morning Light has also been asked by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Professionals to host a nationwide November webinar to discuss our unique approaches to end of life care!  Thanks to our community support which includes referral partners, staff, volunteers, our Board, donors and others, we are starting to achieve our long term goal of becoming a centerpiece of hospice and caregiving information.  Apparently not only in central Indiana but around the country!

To further support our mission, click here.  Thank you for your continued interest and belief in what we do!- Tom Fodor, Executive Director CEO, Morning Light

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